March 1, 2021

Fast Love

‘Fast Love’

Harnessing the Power of Intermittent Fasting for Overall Well-being   The effect of fasting on all aspects of our being and body at different levels There is no shortage of information out there on the how’s and whys behind healthy eating; but what about the not eating? That might sound contentious and like I’m promoting

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‘Let’s Get Spiritual’ | Developing Your Spiritual Practice

What spirituality means to me, the benefits of a spiritual practice, and five ways to start one of your own. What is spirituality…? Spirituality can mean different things to different people. There are religious connotations to spiritualism – particularly when it comes to Buddhism or Jainism – and, in a more contemporary world, spirituality is

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Skin & Tonic!

My Top 10 Organic Beauty Hacks for Radiant Skin   Natural skin care is an organic way to take care of our body’s largest organ, the skin! Because, if we are going to take the time to eat organic, locally sourced, high-quality and cruelty free foods, then we need to extend that same care to

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Unique Coaching Program

The Five Elements and How They Relate to My Unique Coaching Program   From Greek Philosophy to the ancient Indian Chakra system – and Taoist Chinese medicine to South American Shamanic practices – for centuries spiritual and intellectual cultures have recognised and honoured the existence of five basic elements. Universally, the four physical elements –

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Natural Health Hacks

Sci-Fi Your Soul

What is ‘Natural Biohacking?’ And how to Start A Natural Health Hack Practice of your Own What is Biohacking?Increasingly recognized as a movement in wellness thanks to the “father” of biohacking Dave Asprey, who defines ‘biohacking’ as ‘the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside of you to have full control of

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Natural High


How to make the most of nature when you only have one hour per day. My life, love, and work are all about an overall approach to holistic health which covers emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual wellbeing – from what we eat, to how we talk to ourselves, the way we move, rest and how


Breathing Space

What is breathwork, why do it and six breathwork practices to try today! We’re beginning to understand that more than ever we need to make time for relaxation and to make our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing a priority. One of the most powerful ways to meet all of those needs is through conscious breathing

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Seven pillars of aging

The 7 Pillars of Ageing GeroScience is a scientific journal leading the charge in the biological study of ageing and chronic age-related diseases. GeroScientists conceptualize biological ageing into 7 pillars, that are separate but interconnected. Ageing is a multi-dimensional process, meaning that one pillar can affect another or many pillars; these effects can compound over

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Health Benefits of Walking

5 Reasons to Take a Walk

Can you really walk your way to a healthier life? Well, the scientists certainly think so with endless studies proving the many benefits of a brisk stroll around the park. Exercise doesn’t need to be all lifting weights and running marathons, a simple daily walk really can help you live a healthier life and here

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