Hi, I'm Charlène Gisèle, a former high flying London lawyer. I'm on a mission to transform the legal and corporate world by encouraging sustainable high performance.

From Lawyer to Certified Coach-Consultant

I grew up by the sea and the vineyards in Bordeaux, France where nature was on my doorstep. My ambition from a young age was to become a lawyer, so I worked hard to study law at Cambridge University. After law school and further training, I became a Litigator at a top international law firm.

I thought being a lawyer was my dream career, but it struck me that the reality was very different from what I had imagined. I was working long hours, in a constant state of stress and neglected myself.

I became obsessed with doing more without rest.

My health deteriorated.

I burnt out. 

I was not seeing family, friends or spending time in nature and the outdoors.

Is this what the rest of my life would look like? I love travelling, being outdoors, fine arts, music and visiting art galleries, but my work-life balance was non-existent. I later realised that I would never professionally perform at my best without the things I love incorporated into a well-rounded, healthy life.

It was a wake-up call when my father had a heart attack and stroke. He was my role model, and the reason I pursued my career in law, but his high-stress lifestyle came at a cost.

Something had to change.

So I questioned why I wanted to be a lawyer. I knew that I wanted to be someone’s counsel and guide them through solutions. However, being a corporate Lawyer involved more paperwork than human connection.

In search of my purpose and hope for my health, I packed my bags and left my life in London behind. I embarked on a world tour across India, Nepal, Arizona, Greece, Indonesia, Ibiza, Portugal and many other destinations to seek out the best teachers in health and wellness.

During my journey, I decided to transform my career and serve the legal industry from a different perspective. I became the Coach for lawyers I wish I had. In fact, I discovered many similarities between a Coach and a lawyer. After all, like lawyers who counsel their clients, coaching also requires guidance, trusted support, insight, analysis and persuasion to make clients become the best version of themselves.

Drawing on my multicultural learnings from mentors worldwide combined with cutting edge innovation, primal wisdom, science, biohacking and technology, I developed a unique 360 approach to coaching and consulting into my programmes that drive transformation.

I am now proud to be serving the legal industry with tools and techniques to optimise mental, physical and emotional health.


My Mission

My mission is to encourage sustainable performance in the legal and corporate world to help find rhythm in life. I want to help as many law firms, lawyers and corporate executives as possible to optimise, upgrade and elevate performance.

Because let me tell you this, a highly successful career does not have to be synonymous with an unhealthy lifestyle and habits. With the right blueprint, it is possible to have a healthy work-life balance that is sustainable.

That is why I can help you find purpose, form healthier habits and develop corporate wellness through neuroscience, habit optimisation, psychology and biohacking. My favourite part is the profound transformation I can facilitate for you and the freedom to serve you in person or remotely from all over the world.




My Background & Qualifications

Uniquely blending wisdom from an Indian Ashram, a 5km wide Indonesian Island, Ibiza Tantric communities, Nepal retreats with meditation plus the latest technology, neuroscience wisdom from the US, Finland, Estonia, and philosophical and psychological studies, my coaching is truly multicultural.

I incorporate the qualifications below to get you results:

  • Primal Health Coach, Primal Health Institute
  • Business Coach-Consultant, Mindvalley
  • NLP certified Practitioner
  • YTT, 300hrs Santosha Yoga Institute (Certified in yin yoga, pre and post natal & yoga nidra), India
  • YTT, 200hrs Santosha Yoga Institute, Bali
  • Certified diet specialist, London
  • Wim Hof Method (Fundamentals Course)



Legal & Art Qualifications

  • Admitted as an English Solicitor, Solicitor Regulation Authority (currently non-practising)
  • Universitée Panthéon Assas, Paris, MA in Law
  • Cambridge University, England, MA in Law
  • Institute of Art & Law, London, Certificate in Art Law & Ethics
  • Sotheby’s Art Institute, London, History of Art
  • Christie’s Education, London, Advanced Certification in Art Business



After experiencing both the intensity and fast-paced rhythm of corporate life in the city of London, I decided to step away from corporate habits & turn to a slower paced, closer-to-nature nomadic life with ‘purposeful travels’ in the pursuit of (and be able to share) holistic happiness.

My travels and trainings across some of the world’s ‘spiritual capitals’ have enabled to me to lovingly launch Coached by Charlène, which offers flexible programs for those (both individuals & corporations) looking for results when it comes to improving their health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level!


Coached by Charlene’ takes its inspiration from the five elements, with these straight-from-source principles forming the basis of how I hold space, support and heal.

The pillars of my programs are directly linked to Air, Water, Earth, the Spirit, and Fire.
  • Air is attributed to breath work and Pranayama (breathing techniques).
  • Water covers ice-bathing and fasting.
  • Earth is related to the Primal Diet, earthing and grounding.
  • Spirit is all about meditation techniques.
  • Fire is used to represent Tantra and sacred sexuality as well as sun exposure.


Also, heavily-inspiring Coached by Charlene, is my most recent qualification in Primal Health Coaching.
Simplified, Primal Health Coaching recommends living by Ten Primal Laws, centered on a scientifically validated wellness plan that mimics the lifestyle of our ancestors and supports our genetic evolutionary blueprint with real-food, low-carb eating, inspired movement, play, presence and stress-reduction.

Not Just Another Coach...

…but a powerful and transformational Hybrid Coach- Consultant. As a Coach-Consultant, my clients benefit from being coached by me while working on their projects/business simultaneously through consulting advice that I provide during our interactions.

Music is within us all, but sometimes we need a Coach-Consultant to tune our notes into a harmonic symphony.

Using my psychological, business and health expertise, I offer the following programmes/workshops/keynotes which incorporate my 360 holistic approach to coaching and consulting:

  1. 1-to-1 360 VIP coaching for Lawyers or high performing corporate executives
  2. 360 Corporate Wellness Workshops for law firms, companies and fintechs to optimise high performance
  3. 360 Coaching Mastery programme for aspiring Coaches and entrepreneurs to skyrocket their business and turn their passion project into a profitable business
  4. Four performance-based signature programmes for conference coordinators and meeting organisers to choose from and to book me as a Keynote speaker for events

Designed by high-performers for high-performers to sustain 360 wellness.

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