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The Winner’s Curse is something I see a lot in my clients with Type A personalities; it is also a trait I saw in my dad (who had a work-driven heart attack and stroke, now fully recovered) and myself.


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An exploration of the concept of burnout and the impact on professionals.

How to survive burnout for high-achieving individuals.

Crawl with only your hands and feet touching the ground, up to the top of the mat and back, 30 times. Hell. But it works.

About coaching resistance in law, emotional fitness, and the substantial benefits for lawyer performance and well-being.

Why burnout prevention is about building a sustainable high performing future. 

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The legal profession is known for its high-pressure environment, often leading to poor personal wellness among lawyers. It’s time to shed light on the dark side of law and find ways to optimise lawyers’ health.  In this article, we will explore the challenges lawyers face, the impact on their well-being, and strategies to overcome these


Are you feeling emotionally and physically drained? Feeling detached from your work and convinced that you lack the energy to do things right? If so, you may be experiencing burnout. Burnout can be caused by various factors, but did you know that your personality traits can also impact your vulnerability to burnout? While burnout can

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