Stress relief

Stress Relief in Nature

Throughout my career, I have worked with many high-profile executives and attorneys, all of whom have the same thing in common. They spend almost all of their daylight hours working in an office setting – or more recently, from home. While hiking and camping may be enjoyable ways to spend the rare weekend getaway, many

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Employee well-being

Workplace Wellness, Not Woes

I was affectionately named ‘the soul-icitor’ by my clients as a nod to my former life as a London litigator. While I look back with pride on my rigorous, hard-working, and driven legal career, I remember first-hand what burnout feels like. Preventing burnout through workplace wellness can create productive, healthy, happy and resilient teams. Further, employees

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Stress Management

Top 20 Actions For Better Stress Management & Relaxation Today   Busy and active lives tend to keep us ‘on the run’, making stress management almost impossible. It can be so difficult to stop and reflect, rest and digest, feel and surrender. Yet it is crucial to carve out some “me time” to lower cortisol

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