Natural High Breathwork & Coaching Classes

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Why ‘Natural High’?

My group classes are a unique blend of 1) breath awareness, 2) dynamic and rhythmic breathing and 3) grounding breathworks. Combining these modalities into one class leaves you feeling uplifted and energised with a blissful ‘natural high’ feeling. Simply put, breathwork is a very powerful tool to get ‘high’ with your own supply.

The ‘highs’ experienced are physical – the act of hyperventilation can lead to an altered state of consciousness, feeling floaty – and are Spiritual – breathing takes you on an inward journey to where we feel true connection to ourselves and others.

My Breathwork classes are structured around the theme of the five ancient elements:

Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit. I have associated different modalities of breathwork for each of these elements for a truly unique experience. I invite you on a journey towards oneness and wholeness. From the Greek words, “holos” (whole) and “trepein” (to move toward), the word “holotropic” translates to “moving toward wholeness.” – this is the journey we are on in each and every session.

The other unique component of my breathwork sessions is that 20 minutes of it will be dedicated to live coaching for anyone who wants to learn implementable tools and techniques to drive positive behavioural changes in your life.


21 July 7pm BST
60 Minutes
Where : Zoom

How to get ready for Breathwork?

Please, if you can, avoid eating 2 hours before the class. Water, coffee tea etc are fine, just avoid direct digestion right before/during the class.

I recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing. Ideally, nothing tight around the belly or shoulders. Loose trousers and two layers of clothing at the top to adjust temperature as you may feel either cool or warm. Have a jacket and pillow nearby and make sure there are no distractions – phone and emails off – to be fully present during this session. 

During the session, I recommend having next to you:
  1. A blanket and/or socks
  2. A bottle of water
  3. A chair and a mat if you choose to to lay down
  4. Tissues (as you may need to blow your nose)

Structure of the Session

The session will start with an intro to the benefits of breathwork. I will then guide you through breath awareness. Next, I’ll move into dynamic breathing and will guide you with my voice, giving cues throughout the breath work journey.

We will then move into grounding breathwork and you can begin to share, if you want, some of your experiences with the group before we open the floor to coaching questions, and learn implementable tools and techniques to help you solidify positive behavioural changes in your life.

What to Expect?

I advise you try not to have expectations- instead, come to the session with high intentions (a commitment to learn and experience something new) and low attachment (do not have a goal per se, allow yourself to be fully present in the experience).

Experiences during breathwork sessions vary and you may experience bursts of energy, yawning, stress release, feelings of peace and serenity, sharp focus and of course, a nice natural high, from your own supply!

Experience and Medical conditions

No prior Breathwork experience is required but Dynamic Breathwork is not recommended for anyone with the following conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • History of Heart attacks, high blood pressure, and angina
  • Glaucoma or retinal detachment
  • Recent injury or surgery
  • Any medical condition that requires to take medication
  • Psychosis
  • Panic attacks
  • Seizures
  • Severe mental illness
  • Aneurysms (or family history)
  • Pregnant or are breastfeeding
Post Breathwork session

I recommend drinking plenty of water after the session. If possible please allow 20 minutes to integrate the session. Journaling for 5 minutes right after the session and going for a slow walk, or going into 5 minutes of silence can be very powerful post-session activities.

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