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Charlène Gisèle is a former Big Law litigator turned High-Performance Coach and founder of the unique Charlène Gisèle® Coaching method.

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Our Coaching Services

Sustain high performance, manage stress, and avoid burnout.

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Coaching for Law Firms

Innovative, unique and transformative solutions to maximise the performance of your law firm and lawyers.

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Coaching for Law Schools & Universities

Full and comprehensive education on how to become a sustainable high performing student.

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Coaching for Businesses

Unlocking businesses’ potential to perform above and beyond, in a sustainable manner.

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1-1 Coaching

Explore how our 1-1 coaching sessions can accelerate your performance and wellbeing.

The Coach who busts high achievers’ stress

I enjoy working with Charlene. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and passion shines. Charlene’s workshops are well received and she has developed a positive reputation with those who have benefitted from the learning sessions she provides. Charlene has delivered a number of workshops to people in Pinsent Masons on the topics of wellbeing, sustainable behaviours in leadership, burnout prevention and promoting healthy hybrid working. Her work with us to-date includes workshops on our general L&D academy, a bespoke talent development programme and specific training to teams on request.

Josh Quadri, L&D Manager at Pinsent Masons

Having known Charlène in her previous vocation in law, I was excited to partner with her on this journey knowing that she would bring trust, empathy but also her rigor in getting to the detail, science, and providing appropriate and consistent advice. She has a great amount of credibility and isn’t afraid to challenge the norms as you think they are. Very valuable coaching that I would like to continue.

Yannick Davey, Global Account Executive APAC at Microsoft

Charlène has been an incredible coach for me – both personally and professionally! Her approach to coaching is genuine and impactful – I take away so many actionable tips from every single conversation we have. She constantly motivates me to do better while prioritizing my health and wellness to maximize my performance. The fact that she’s had a demanding corporate career and gone through very similar experiences means her guidance is much more relatable and she GETS it without being overly preachy. Her workshops have been a great way to stay connected between sessions and learn from her knowledge. I always feel better after a conversation with her and highly recommend anyone work with her if they are looking to increase their performance and reduce burnout.

Gabi Slemer, CFA, CEO & Founder of Finasana, Former Wall Street Investor

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