My Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to maximise the wellbeing of every employees. No matter the size of the Company Firm or Corporation, my holistic approach cultivates and strengthens an organizational-level culture of health & self-care.


Offering a Corporate Wellness Program is a holistic investment into your employees’ health, wellbeing and productivity.
My programs are flexible to the needs of your team and work by empowering your employees to strengthen their health and self-care routines. As a result, you can expect the productivity and wellbeing of your team to be boosted both inside and out of work; so that health and mental well-being are sustained in the long-term. The sessions will equip your employees with wellness tools to be able to face and overcome challenges both in the work-place and personally.
Given my Corporate background & having worked for several years in very busy City Law firms and corporate offices, I understand corporate’s rules & etiquette but can also relate & understand the work environment of corporate employees and have prepared wellness tools accordingly. Corporate Wellness Workshops are also a great opportunity for team bonding.
I offer powerful Breathwork sessions as well as Guided Meditation Sessions. These sessions are flexible & designed to fit into even the busiest office schedules. They can be done in the office, during a lunch break or as a Wellness Workshop, where complete mental disconnection from the office can take place within minutes, to then go back to work feeling calmer, more energised and more focused.
Contact me here for more details or to book a call so we can discuss how my Corporate Wellness Programs can be tailored to your specific employee & organisational need.

Corporate Executive Wellness Consultant

I am no stranger to the corporate world – once a lawyer, always a lawyer. I have done the long days, nights, weeks, months… I have pushed myself to my mental limits and I have burnt out before, forgetting at times what health and wellness are. I know the demands of corporate life and understand the pressure people put on themselves and their colleagues to achieve excellence. There is nothing wrong with this – achieving excellence in one’s profession is a virtuous goal.
However, it can become all too toxic quickly and I believe it does not have to be. It’s about working Optimally. As a corporate wellness consultant I help take away the guesswork by bursting conventional bubbles and bringing truly innovative and tailored optimisation strategies. Success in the corporate world does not have to come at the detriment of health and wellness. In fact, improving wellness maximises performance and productivity in the workplace.
It is time to usher in the next generation of corporate wellness – be as innovative with your wellness strategy as you are in your business strategy.

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