A firm’s success starts with its people: investing in your employees’ and executives’ wellness is an investment in your business. A corporate wellness programme means a more productive, happy workforce that is primed to navigate your barriers to growth and is essential for long-term success.

Millions of years of evolution have not prepared us to spend most of our days desk-bound, but that is where most of us find ourselves.

Our bodies have not been able to keep up with the rapid evolution of society and cultural working norms, resulting in many workers developing chronic health problems or simply not performing at their peak.

To optimise ourselves for success, we need to tune into our hunter-gatherer brains and calibrate them for modern corporate life.

Health is the ultimate wealth. Firms are making progress, but slowly. Too many tick the gym discount, lunchtime yoga sessions and subsidised health insurance boxes and dust their hands of any further employee welfare.

Do you feel those measures alone are enough? How much more dynamic and effective could your business be with employees operating at peak performance?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of prioritising wellness and mastering a healthy work-life balance, with many businesses having adopted a hybrid/remote working model. Firms that do not adapt may fall behind.

High performing lawyers, bankers and corporate executives are athletes of the corporate world. We know that marathon runners only get so far with training. For these athletes to become Olympians, rest and recovery are a vital blueprint strategy to success, and without these, they would not perform at their peak level. The same applies to your employees.

By landing on this page, you have already taken a step further than many firms. The truth is that burnt-out employees already cost your business. You should take both curative and preventative measures to keep your employees healthy, happy, performant and productive.

My tailor-made corporate wellness programme will help educate you and your workforce on stress management, burnout prevention, nutrition, movement, mindset, recovery and sleep. As a result, you and your employees will have a sustainable work-life balance doing what you love to do the most.

A healthy lifestyle does not happen overnight, but it can start today.

What are the benefits of a corporate wellness programme?

Happy, healthy employees make for a better working environment (and ultimately life!) for us all. However, all these factors are closely tied to success. Productivity, profit and growth are strongly correlated to good employee health and welfare.

Poor health, both mental and physical is one of the leading causes of poor productivity. When employees are unwell, they cannot perform at their best, which means your firm is not reaching its full potential.

Employees are the only common denominator integrated into every aspect of your firm, therefore a corporate wellness programme is a holistic investment into your entire business. Not many investments can make that claim.

No matter the size of your law firm, bank or corporation, my 360 approach will equip your employees with wellness tools to face and overcome challenges 24/7 both in the workplace and personally. Only by equipping employees for daily life will they thrive in all types of work environments.

What workshops do I offer?

My psychological and health expertise allows me to draw on a unique blend of evolutionary science and psychology together with cutting edge technology and research.

The programmes are flexible to the needs of your team and can include the following areas:

  • Breathwork and guided meditation
  • Burnout prevention, single focus and health optimisation
  • How to alleviate ‘return to work’ anxiety and improve resilience
  • New world corporate wellness and intro to biohacking
  • Stress management, sleep optimisation and recovery
  • The power of the mind
  • Nutrition and metabolic health
  • Breathwork, movement and immunity

You may mix and match the above or request a bespoke workshop, webinar or seminar. For a detailed overview of what each workshop will cover, please get in touch with me.

Why me?

My legal and legal technology experience combined with my hybrid health and business coach certifications have well-equipped me to optimise your business and employees’ performance.

Having worked for several years in demanding City law firms and corporate offices, I understand the corporate rules and etiquette – but also where they hold us all back. I can relate to and understand the work environment of lawyers/bankers/corporate employees and have prepared wellness tools accordingly.

Working as a Software Solution Engagement Manager at LexisNexis and Innovation Practice Manager at White & Case allowed me to use technology to serve others in innovative ways. As a firm believer in innovation, I use technology and biohacking to seek the most effective solutions for you and your employees.

I am now a Master Coach, NLP practitioner, Mindvalley business Coach-Consultant, certified Primal Health Coach, a certified yin yoga teacher, and an international keynote speaker within the health optimisation and biohacking community.

My experience ranges from helping Stylist Magazine launch their Burnout Masterclass as part of The Curiosity Academy, where I am the Wellness Consultant, to being a Chief Wellness Adviser and AI Coach for Monay AI Coaches, a fintech company that was awarded ‘Fintech Team of the Year’.

I incorporate my professional health qualifications with my analytical career skills to make a rigorous yet flexible workshop experience that is personal to each firm and individual.

What others have to say about my workshops…

The days of working harder without factoring in health need to end. You do not have to sacrifice corporate wellness for productivity.

I invite you to book a call so we may explore how to tailor the corporate wellness programmes to your specific needs.

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