Emily Heird

My name is Emily Heird LPC/MHSP,

I am Charlène Gisèle’s Associate Coach.

The combination of my professional expertise as a licensed therapist and experience in leadership management enable me to coach legal professionals navigating changes in their personal or professional lives.

I am a licensed mental health counselor with over a decade of experience helping high-performers transform their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

My clients have included lawyers, doctors, dentists, engineers and CEOs in the Tech and Finance sector.

As Charlène Gisèle’s Associate Coach, I apply my expertise in mental health counselling with Charlène Gisèle’s sustainable high-performance coaching methods to enhance my client’s personal and professional efficacy.

Coach-Counselor Qualifications:

These are just some of symptoms of Burnout. The symptoms of Burnout can manifest themselves physically, mentally and behaviourally. It is normally when these symptoms starting showing themselves is when my clients reach out. If you are noticing one or more of these symptoms of burnout, don’t wait, book a call with me TODAY to explore how I can help you bounce back from burnout and live the life you truly want.

Successful But Burntout?

Burnout and work performance track closely together. I have found that those prone to burnout often are high performers and very successful. The traits that help them excel at work put them at greater risk of burnout.

Do you recognise any of the following in your work personality:

If you want to overcome burnout and if one or more of these rings true to you then book a call with me TODAY and let’s start your Burnout Transformation!

Emily Heird


The benefits of Burnout Coaching go far beyond just Burnout recovery. In fact, you will benefit from my Sustainable High Performance coaching. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect:
If you feel like you could benefit from these coaching outcome book a call with me now and let’s explore how we can accelerate your performance and wellbeing.
Emily Heird

Charlène has been an incredible coach for me – both personally and professionally! Her approach to coaching is genuine and impactful – I take away so many actionable tips from every single conversation we have. She constantly motivates me to do better while prioritizing my health and wellness to maximize my performance. The fact that she’s had a demanding corporate career and gone through very similar experiences means her guidance is much more relatable and she GETS it without being overly preachy. Her workshops have been a great way to stay connected between sessions and learn from her knowledge. I always feel better after a conversation with her and highly recommend anyone work with her if they are looking to increase their performance and reduce burnout.

Gabi Slemer, CFA, Associate Dean Student Experience at The City Law School

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