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Who Is Performance Coaching For?

From my experience working with high performing individuals for over a decade and from the feedback gained from the world’s leading minds, high performance coaching is for those who want to:

If one or more of these rings true to you then book a call with me today to explore how we can accelerate your performance and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Performance Coaching

These are just some of the benefits my clients receive from my Sustainable High Performance coaching:

If these are benefits you would like to see in your life, let’s talk and explore how we can accelerate your performance and wellbeing.

What To Expect From Performance Coaching

There are 6 fundamental pillars that my sustainable high performance coaching method covers:

If you feel like you could benefit from coaching in any of these 6 areas, book a call with me now and let’s explore how we can accelerate your performance and wellbeing.


Just like Jonathan did, my clients go from chronic fatigue to boundless energy or undergoing difficulties with relationships to cultivating outstanding connections. They move from living a sedentary lifestyle to enjoying the excitement of movement. My clients have the blueprint to biohacking burnout. This is the power of having your own VIP Coach-Consultant concierge services.

Here is how people just like you have fared with my Executive Coaching 360:

Charlene is a true expert in her field. As a business coach, she takes the time to get to know her clients and uses her vast set of tools and experience to help guide them in their business.  She also has an excellent understanding of the legal profession so her advice is relevant and very useful for attorneys. She understands the time constraints attorneys face and works to set goals that are attainable but still show results.  I highly recommend Charlene for any attorney looking for business guidance.

Mark Grzymala


Working with Charlene has been a great experience. As my coach, she is knowledgeable, insightful, reflective, and most importantly I feel like she understands me. She is patient and has an elegant communication style, explaining complex ideas in a way that I am able to grasp, no matter how many times I ask her. Her techniques at times have been very powerful, which have allowed me to discover new insights into myself.

I have enjoyed how her approach is holistic, looking at all aspects of my life and helping them to align with my desired goals. Charlene is persistent in holding me accountable for my actions. I have at times tried to avoid dealing with certain aspects of my life but Charlene has gently been able to bring me back to a place where I am aligned to confront them.

If you are looking for a coach, someone who is supportive, someone to give you clarity, someone you can place your hope in, who is singing your corner and who actually cares about your life, then Charlene is the coach for you and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Kevin Haley

My dream is that one day everyone will have a health coach, and no one will have to suffer disease and debilitating health problems.

We are all entitled and intended to live happy, thriving, long lives! The only way we can possibly do this is by helping each other.

These days and especially in western society, we are so quick to invest in so many aspects of lives, from the house we live in, to the car we drive and the schools we choose for our children, but when it comes to our own health and wellness why is it we are so reluctant ?? Our health IS our only wealth, and if our health is optimal, we are far more likely to achieve our life goals, not to mention be the person we want to be for those closest to us.

I have a wonderful support network, a loving husband, family and lovely friends, but having a health coach is just that little bit more. It’s somebody in your inner circle who is out of your inner circle Somebody who is accountable for only you.

As a breast and lung cancer survivor if there is one thing I have learnt it is that self care and self love is where it starts and where it all flows from … Charlène is wonderfully gentle and calming . So knowledgeable and always there to help on the other end of an email. She is always cheering me on, and is such a kind, loving, empathetic coach, but what I most love about her is her innate ability to see beyond what you are saying, and find those inner parts of you that really need healing. She is honest and authentic in what she believes, and has a genuine love and passion for what she does; and a love for her clients that really shows. She has become a great friend to me and a wonderful safe space away from my busy life to off load, to release and let go. She helps me with everything from nutrition and exercise to deep emotional self exploration, yet she simplifies it for me, which as a busy mother of five is essential! Her experiences and spiritual travels and teachings, and her passion are so apparent in all that she does.

I get so excited about our sessions together, and each time I know I’m moving a step further towards being that version of myself I aspire to be. She also never ceases to remind me of how far I have already come! Studies actually show that we are 95% more likely to stick to our health goals if we have an accountability partner. It’s worked for me and I couldn’t recommend Charlène and her team highly enough!

-Sarah William

Having known Charlène in her previous vocation in law, I was excited to partner with her on this journey knowing that she would bring trust, empathy but also her rigor in getting to the detail, science, and providing appropriate and consistent advice. She has a great amount of credibility and isn’t afraid to challenge the norms as you think they are. Very valuable coaching that I would like to continue.

-Yannick Davey

I have been coached by Charlène weekly for 6 months. I was hesitant before I joined. I worked with coaches before and met a lot of ‘fake’ experts and charlatans. I had almost given up on coaching altogether at that point and if it wasn’t for the fact I knew Charlène was a former Lawyer and trusted her, I don’t know if I would have signed up.

Looking back I am so glad that I did. Charlène is the real deal. She uniquely combines professional and expert knowledge of wellness and the legal industry. Her program is nothing short of transformational. Through her deep psychological analysis (thought provoking!) and sophisticated metaphors she unblocked mental hurdles I had been stuck with for many years. Her high energy, enthusiasm, humour, big smiles and genuine care and ability to give her full attention adds the ‘X factor’ to her coaching sessions.

I look forward to my sessions each week and have noticed a huge difference in my both my outlook and my looks but also my energy and happiness!

– City Law Firm Partner, Chicago

I joined Charlène‘s Executive Coaching programme in September 2020 and we have been working together since. Having known Charlène from her previous career in law, I was thoroughly impressed to see how she managed to transfer the same professionalism, diligence and rigour to improve my physical and mental wellness.

Her flexible coaching times and ability to keep me accountable allowed me to make fast progress despite the pressure and time constraints of my work schedule. Her ‘unconventional’ but powerful methods and techniques have allowed me to overcome challenges I didn’t want to face or didn’t know existed before.

Charlène‘s Executive Coaching programme has changed my life for the better. My wife, children, friends and colleagues have all noticed the positive changes.

City Law Firm Partner, London



Charlene and I met just over six months ago in an incredibly nourishing experience in Italy. At this time I was going through a deep process of understanding my body, the food I ate and how I could take ownership of my health. It was perfect timing, and a great connection from the first moment.

Every session after has been excitingly novel, insightful and elevating leaving something new and transformative after every session. She is a great guide, who through kindness and wisdom helps restore harmony and supports the creation of what works best for you with all the available resources. Couldn’t have asked for a better coach to accompany me through this phase.

-Almudena Bentin

After four months of weekly coaching with Charlène on Mind, Body and Spirit, I can consciously state that her holistic approach is the most contemporary form of coaching I’ve experienced, in my opinion the only one aligned with the challenges that today’s world presents.

-Guglielmo Notarbartolo di Villarosa

Charlene is a pleasure to work with and one of the most positive people I ever met. Our sessions together helped me declutter and feel better within a few days. As a busy entrepreneur, it’s crucial to invest time in myself, and I’m really glad I did that through working with Charlene.

The deep work that we did helped me address some subconscious issues from the past and made my decision making process in the present much better. Thank you!

– Elena Seranova, Ph.D.

I had the opportunity to first be introduced to Tantra through Charlène while on a retreat in Mexico. I really appreciated the way she introduced this topic to a group of beginners in such a comprehensive and gentle way. This practice can be quite intimidating, but she guided us through a number of partner exercises in such an accessible way, holding a very safe space for every one of us. I was lucky to also attend Charlène’s online breathwork and inner child meditation sessions. As a practitioner myself, I can say with confidence that Charlène is extremely knowledgeable about what she teaches. She also makes her sessions so relevant for anyone and infuses them with meaning. One of the things that really stands out for me when it comes to Charlène is her nurturing presence and support along with a soft strength and confidence that makes you feel in very good hands. I highly recommend Charlène and her work!

-Nour-Elise Tabbara

Coaching that feels inspirational rather than informational. I want to be inspired so that my desire and drive for change last long after my teacher has left me. 

With Charlène I’m moved by how she lives by the concepts she teaches. She genuinely believes in the truth and value of what she has to offer us and that’s something everyone can believe in.

-Genevieve Brown

Partaking in Charlène’s yoga classes has been one of the best decisions of my yoga path. Her beautiful nature and extended knowledge about the body, it’s movement and the way yoga assists us in so many ways allows her to be such a great teacher.

Charlène’s classes allowed me to connect so deeply to my body and my breath, I would recommend her classes to anyone who gets the beauty of coming in contact with her.

-Ally Griffin

Charlène’s Yoga Nidra sessions were incredibly powerful. Everyone in the group felt recharged, renewed: it was a very practical & powerful technique that we learned from Charlène. 

She also helped us demystify Tantra and changed the way I approach these tantric energies.

Charlène’s knowledge around Primal Health & Primal nutrition was amazing. Charlène’s expertise on how to take care of body & mind was great. My experience with her was beautiful .

-David Gamboa

Charlène’s Tantra class was so healing. I have come such a long way since her class. I love that we were able to continue the classes online and I am glad to be using all the techniques that Charlène taught me and apply them in my life.

-Carolina Iglesias

“Charlène, You have changed our lives! ”

-Yasuko Tanuki

Being the Wellness Consultant of Stylist Magazine, I have helped launch their Burnout Masterclass as part of The Curiosity Academy:

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