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Sustainable High Performance Coaching for Law Schools and Law Students

Sustainable High Performance Coaching for Law Schools and Law Students

Do your law students experience one or more?

Here are some of the challenges I hear on a regular basis:

I get it,
I have been there and I have helped many students who have been there too.

Having been a law student myself and gone through the highs and lows of law student life, I know how important it is to value health and sustainable performance to become a successful lawyer. A career in law is a marathon, not a sprint. Building sustainable wellness practises at ‘nascency’ sets a law student up for long-term success.
Here’s the truth:
Law firms continue to want intelligent and hard-working students but they are starting to realise they also need resilient students.

The goal of most law students is to achieve their desired grades and get hired into their dream law firm. The law firm also has a goal and that is to hire a performant, ambitious, and resilient trainee who can shine and grow within the law firm.

Sustainable High-Performance Is Different

The big shift in my Sustainable High-Performance programmes is that it helps bridge this gap by boosting success at law school and also by building habits in students that makes their transition into a law firm more performant and sustainable. This is what makes my Sustainable High-Performance programmes so different because they are performance-focused. The programme focuses on helping students excel and reach their career dreams while maximising their potential. 

My focus on health and well-being is not about alleviating a negative. It is about building a positive by- providing the tools, techniques, and education that empower law students to optimise their self-care and work performance so they can have a successful and sustainable career. 

I believe a Resilient Law Student will become a Sustainable Lawyer. Sustainable High-Performance is right for you if you believe:

My Programmes, Workshops, and Coaching:

I offer a Sustainable High-Performance Programme, which provides full and comprehensive education on how to become a sustainable high performing student.

I offer engaging and innovative workshops to develop and expand your Law School’s Wellness & Performance’s initiatives.

I also offer:

  I also offer Performance coaching, either 1:1 or for small focus groups.
  My most popular programme with law schools is my Sustainable High Performance Package, which includes a combination of my Sustainable High Performance Workshop and Performance coaching.
  I also offer Bespoke programmes and workshops for events, ‘wellness weeks’, ‘lunch & learn’, video course creation, and hybrid packages. More details are available upon request.

Charlene is an inspiring workshop leader who knows her stuff.  Her engaging, thoughtful and interactive style (and highly personable nature) make her extremely good at what she does.  Her sessions were well pitched to our students, well thought out and effort had been put into tailoring approach and content personally to our students.  Both workshops were very professionally run and Charlene was excellent at drawing out our students’s thoughts and feelings.  Thank you for being a part of our #SpringThing at City Law School.

Jane Bradley-Smith, Associate Dean Student Experience at The City Law School

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