Inner Child Meditation

A healing journey into your deepest memories...

Heal your inner child

Join me live for a guided meditation class and a group coaching experience.

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29 September 7pm UK

60 Minutes
Where : Zoom

How will the class be structured ?

1. 30 minutes guided meditation led by me on the theme of the inner child.

2. 30 minutes sharing circles for anyone that wishes to do a mini-group coaching and share.

This guided meditation is ideal for both beginners or advanced meditators.

We will focus on the inner child within all of us.

What is inner child meditation?

The inner child meditation focuses on healing or affirming your inner child. This thought process is based on the fact that many people receive wounds in their childhood that they have not come to terms with. Or they may find they are still unconsciously acting out those past hurts.

An inner child meditation strives to heal that wound so you can be “released” to be the joyous, loving person that you want to be.

How to get ready for the class?
Come exactly as you are and it will be perfect!

You do not need to wear any special clothing or be in a specific position but I would suggest a very comfortable seat and a place with minimal distraction. This will allow you to focus on my voice and the present moment, which we will share together.

If you can, in advance of the session, find a photo of you as a child that resonates with you the most – it would be great but it is optional!
Which techniques will be used?
I will share with you some of the techniques I have learned from my spiritual teachers in Nepal, India and Indonesia as well as advanced CBT & NLP coaching techniques.

A very special blend of neuroscience & ancestral wisdom just for you, and guided breathwork to support the inner child meditation.

I look forward to meeting your inner child,


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My first experience with Charlene’s group classes was through inner child meditation followed by a live group coaching session. Both were skilfully handled. Her guidance made for a completely safe and enjoyable exploration experience. She allowed everyone time and space in the group coaching session to dive into questions that arose during the meditation – it was a fascinating analysis and I’d recommend anyone taking group sessions to stay on for that coaching. I also enjoyed her natural high breathwork class. It was really dynamic and engaging, so great for those who want a bit more of a workout.

Charlene is incredibly knowledgeable – it comes across in her questions and recommendations. She is also generous with that knowledge, so you walk away learning something new each time. I’m looking forward to joining more of her classes!

-Kate Lam

To date I’ve attended an inner child meditation and breathwork class, and I look forward to attending many more. Charlène is a rare coach indeed, so knowledgeable on everything well being related, yet also a former corporate animal like myself so she knows how to translate the “hippy” stuff into my language, and all delivered through her beautifully calming French tones.

-Chris Mayo

I did an inner child session with Charlène recently and it was really eye-opening. I had no idea we would go where we went, but it was both nourishing and insightful. Her approach is safe, encouraging, and deeply meaningful. I would suggest this practice to anyone who is looking to do some personal work. And we all need to do some personal work if we want to be our best.

-Sean McCormick

I attended Charlène’s inner child guided meditation class and I was blown away by how powerful the session was. I was able to visualise myself when I was a child and really tell my younger self what I wished I had known back then. It felt like I was really taken back in time and I remember exactly how I felt when I was a child. After the session, I felt like I had addressed something that was never addressed before as we tend to just forget the past and move on from it.

Charlène  also gave some useful advice and tips afterwards which I will be actioning. I loved the small group session as you can really connect with everyone on a deep level. Thank you so much Charlène and I definitely will be back for more.

-Alison Yuen

Charlène is wonderful, her guided meditation was a joy to live and I absolutely recommend it to everyone. Personally, it made me feel so well to be in touch with my inner child. I feel much better and free with this connection that will now last forever.

-Ricardo Navarroa

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