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Life Coaching is the best investment you can make to fully optimise the quality of your life! Whether you are dealing with stress, loss, a separation, divorce, anxiety, fear, addictions or a career driven burnout, working with a Coach is the most empowering action you can take to get you back on the path of personal and professional life optimisation.

We all have so much potential, yet many people never realise their potential – it is often left untapped, unrealised – and deep down most of us know this. I have found will all my clients that this unreleased potential is due to limiting beliefs, compromised thinking and fear stopping them from being all that they can and want to be. As your coach, my job is to help and support you in overcoming these negative thought patterns – I am here to hold you accountable and provide you with a personalised plan that will unlock your potential and bring about total personal and professional optimisation.

I have a powerful track record of helping my private clients overcome their limiting emotions, like fear, anxiety, and depression;  I help my clients to adopt new behaviours that leads to the blossoming of their personal and professional lives.  

My Personal Mastery Blueprint coaching covers:

  • Personal Development Skills & Transformation
  • How to Unleash your Full Potential
  • Personal Effectiveness Skills
  • Self Awareness
  • Discipline & Habit Optimisation
  • Mindset Shift and Solution driven Strategies

You’ve probably invested significant time and energy into your business or career and as a result your personal growth and close relationships may have taken a back seat. 

When was the last time you have invested in improving yourself and your personal growth?

As a personal and professional life coach, with real-life business experience, I fully understand what it means for a business owner/executive/manager to become vulnerable. You work long hours and push for success against difficult odds, but often this hard work is not smart work. You’re successful and intelligent and proud of many aspects of your life but you may never have asked key questions in regards to your own personal wellbeing and growth. When was the last time you reflected on the following: Where you are in life now and what are you true goals, which strategy will you implement to reach these, what motivates you, what are your core values, what makes you feel fulfilled, what is the current state of my relationships, what are your stressors, what is your mission…

Many of my clients found themselves fully immersed with growing their business or improving their career, but finding that this came at the cost of strained personal relationships with family and friends but more of all with themselves. 

Years ago, I hit rock bottom, my relentless career drive led to burnout, a divorce and a severe health impact to my and my loved one’s health.  On paper I was successful,  top law career, Chelsea flat and golden career perspective, material comfort etc. But in reality my personal life and health were both crumbling away. At that time, I now look back and wish I had a coach, instead, I stepped away from my career and my life in London in order to find solutions for both my health and personal relationships. 

But now I have not only overcome all my past stress, I have built a thriving life and coaching business around modelling my success story and developed a coaching blueprint, Personal Mastery Blueprint, that works incredibly well for all my clients – it allows them to have it all – personal and professional life optimisation. Testimonials

Now I would like to help you fully commit to your passion, beat the odds, and become the best version of you!


What if you don't take action today?

Ongoing frustration,  lack of confidence and lack of clarity can lead to inaction, fear of decisions, analysis paralysis, unhealthy relationships (to self and others) and missed opportunities (financial and or emotional)….Instead you could optimise and improve all these aspects of your life! Remember the most relevant definition of Stress, in my eyes, is Dave Willis’: Someone Trying to Repair Every Situation Solo Having a Coach is the best solution to overcome any and all your current limiting beliefs that are holding you back – with the right processes and support in place, we can overcome all major life stressors and thrive in our personal and professional lives.  My Personal Mastery Blueprint is life coaching with self-awareness training. It is a unique combination of powerful self-discovery techniques and world-class coaching. It’s based on the latest science and married with the power of ancestral human wisdom. 

The following are different approaches and techniques I may draw on, depending on our coaching programme length and your needs.

  1. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Coaching
  2. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Coaching 
  3. Compassion Focused Coaching
  4. Solution Focused Coaching
  5. Acceptance and Commitment Coaching
  6. Behavioural changes & Habits adoption Coaching
  7. Sleep, Breathwork, Nutrition & Health optimisation – Biohacking

To move forward with clarity and confidence you need to recognise the importance of personal development. For personal development to be truly effective requires an investment of time, a commitment to change, and specialised professional support.

Take action today. Book a call and let’s start optimising your personal and professional life with the Personal Mastery Blueprint now! 

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