New Year Resolutions For The Busy Executive and Lawyer

December 13, 2021

New Year resolutions

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As the New Year approaches, many busy executives and lawyers are considering what the next year will bring and setting up New Year resolutions. To make the most of this exercise, it is best to consider high-impact goals that will bring about the most significant results. Charlene Gisele can help identify the best New Year resolutions for the busy executive based on your specific needs. As a former litigator and current coach for executives and lawyers, Charlene can help you develop a sustainable plan that will last throughout the year and optimize your performance. Contact her today to learn more and consider some of the following New Year resolutions for the busy lawyer and executive and how they may fit into your 2022 wellness plan.

Resolution #1 – Establish an Automated Client or Customer Intake Process

No one seems to have enough time these days to get everything done, so it is more important than ever to leverage the time you do have and make it more efficient. One way to do this is to set up an automated client intake process so that you gather all of the information you need to make an acceptance decision without sacrificing your valuable time. Busy lawyers and executives can do this manually by creating questionnaires and checklists for their support staff, or they can use an automated system to do the work for them.

Resolution #2 – Increase Mobile Access

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught the world anything, it is the importance of being able to work virtually, if necessary. Busy executives and lawyers can become more mobile by storing their important documents on the cloud, taking advantage of appropriate apps, and using a case management system that can be accessed through mobile technology.

Resolution #3 – Get Organized

Busy lawyers and executives can use their time more wisely if they are better organized. Some quick ways to start the year off right include:

  • Closing any cases or business that need to be closed
  • Sending out invoices for any cases or projects that have not been paid
  • Creating a plan to address any cases or projects that are stalled
  • Closing out books for the end of year
  • Using tools to maintain organization, such as documentation automation systems, legal practice management software, and/or accounting practice management software

Resolution #4 – Ensure that Safeguards Are in Place

Nothing is as disruptive to a law practice as an ethical complaint from a disgruntled client. Busy lawyers can put safeguards in place to help protect themselves in case a complaint arises, such as:

  • Completing conflict checks before opening a new file
  • Opening a file for every matter they handle, no matter how small
  • Setting up a tickler system that reminds them of time-sensitive tasks
  • Having signed retainer agreements for all clients
  • Sending a closing letter to every client when a matter is resolved
  • Documenting all important conversations in client files
  • Confirming major decisions with clients in writing
  • Documenting when clients direct them to take a course of action not recommended by their lawyer
  • Sending written updates to clients

Resolution #5 – Reconnect

Busy people (such as executives and lawyers) sometimes lose connections with friends and others around them. However, having personal connections with others can help prevent burnout and remind them of their value so they do not get overwhelmed with the daily minutiae of their work. Setting a goal of calling one friend once a week can help maintain these all-important relationships. Additionally, consider ways to creatively reconnect through Zoom or socially distanced in-person gatherings. The world has had to adapt quickly to connecting effectively with others during a global pandemic. Make sure that you take time to intentionally connect with those you care about.

Resolution #6 – Unplug

Today, there are distractions in every direction. Between cell phone alerts, the Internet, and a general environment that blurs the line between work and home, most people feel overwhelmed and overstimulated most of their lives. For some people, the only realistic way to pause these distractions is to literally unplug the television, the laptop, the cell phone, and other electronic devices. If this is not quite possible, you can create specific boundaries, such as no electronic devices at dinner time. This gives you the chance to unwind and reconnect after a busy day. Charlene Gisele can give you other tips on how to unwind and be centered in your daily activities through her holistic approach and tips on self-care.

Resolution #7 – Never Overbook

Try not to overschedule yourself so that you do not have any time to relax. While this is easier said than done, there is a reason that rest is so important. It creates the space for your brain and body to relax and recharge. According to the United States Library of Medicine, there is a substantial and strong connection between sleep, rest, health, and wellness at work. A balanced life may consist of time to:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Spend time with family
  • Relax
  • Play

Make sure never to overbook your work calendar as an executive or a lawyer in order to ensure that you have time for rest. In the end, setting aside this time will actually help you be even more productive.

Contact Charlene Gisele to Set Up Your New Year Resolutions for the Busy Lawyer

If you need help setting up your own New Year resolutions as a busy executive or lawyer, contact Charlene Gisele. Charlene specializes in helping lawyers and high-performing executives achieve sustainable performance using her psychological, business, and health expertise. Her holistic approach has helped many law firms build a resilient workforce and prevent burnout. Schedule your virtual coffee break with her today.

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