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Episode 23: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Martin Kremmer

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Are you struggling with chronic stress and feeling constantly burnt out? Can you feel the adverse effects on your overall health and performance? As high-achieving professionals, it’s easy to ignore stress until it manifests in severe physical and mental health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and even chronic inflammation. Understanding and managing these stressors is crucial for maintaining peak performance and well-being. In this episode, biohacker Martin Kremmer delves into how we can foster resilience and long-term success through monitoring health, integrating recovery practices (like elite athletes), and other lifestyle changes.

A leading voice in proactive health, Martin Kremmer seamlessly integrates his extensive experience in business with cutting-edge health strategies in his celebrated role as founder of Biowatch. After transforming his own life from burnout to vitality, Kremmer pioneered the “Freeage ” longevity programme, which utilises genetic and DNA tests to offer personalised health insights. His approach has attracted top-tier executives and elite athletes, keen to harness the power of biometric data for optimal performance. Known for his dynamic presentations at esteemed events like the Biohacker Summit, Kremmer’s expertise is reshaping the narrative around stress management and health in high-pressure environments, cementing his role as a key figure in the realm of holistic wellness.

The true measurement of success is a calm nervous system.

In this episode you will learn

  • How chronic inflammation impacts health and the vital role of adequate sleep in mitigating its effects.
  • Practical tips on using biometric devices to monitor and manage stress for busy professionals.
  • Strategies employed by elite athletes, such as adapting recovery techniques and maintaining mental wellness, to enhance performance.
  • The benefits of strength training once a week and the importance of a professional coach in avoiding overtraining.
  • Techniques for managing stress through mindfulness, meditation, and digital detoxing to achieve a balanced lifestyle.
  • The impact of extreme temperatures on stress response and immune system enhancement, including the practices of winter bathing and sauna use.


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