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Episode 18: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Dr Bryan Robinson

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Despite its deceptive guise as diligence and devotion to career, work addiction can silently usher in a host of problems, encroaching on health, happiness, and relationships. It’s a plight far too common, where professionals find themselves trapped in a cycle of unending toil, as they grapple with an internal pressure to constantly achieve and produce. Yet nestled within our conversation lies a beacon of hope to confront and curtail the grip of work addiction. Dr. Bryan Robinson, an authority on the subject, draws from his extensive expertise and personal encounters with this compulsive inclination, offering insights and practical methods designed to dismantle the chains of compulsive work habits and navigate a path to a more balanced, enriched life.

Dr. Bryan Robinson has worn many hats, including professor emeritus, researcher, psychotherapist and burnout expert, journalist, novelist, author, public speaker and podcaster. An accomplished author of over 40 books, including ‘Chained to the Desk,’ Robinson delves deep into the psychology of work addiction, garnering insights from personal journeys and interactions with notable figures such as Alanis Morissette and Ariana Huffington. Through his private practice and a brand new podcast, he works with a spectrum of clients—from everyday individuals to celebrities—in overcoming the trenches of burnout with his transformative methods. Dr. Robinson’s profound understanding of work-life balance has not only propelled his clients to healthier, more harmonious lives, but his own as well, beautifully harmonised with the joy of family life and the companionship of his beloved goldendoodle dogs.

The main thing is to spread the word that workaholism is not a good thing… It’s a damaging thing.

In this episode you will learn

  • The detrimental effects of work addiction, how it can lead to burnout, and the importance of recognizing the need to switch off and rebalance.
  • Insights into the hybrid work world post-pandemic, emphasising the crucial shift towards prioritising work-life balance.
  • Dr. Bryan Robinson’s personal journey from being chained to work to discovering inner peace and the pivotal role of self-awareness and self-reflection.
  • Strategies for preventing burnout, including the scientific benefits of taking micro breaks and engaging in the AAA process for emotional regulation.
  • The distinction between being ambitiously driven and succumbing to workaholism, with methods to maintain ambition while avoiding the pitfalls of overworking.
  • Resources and success stories for overcoming work addiction, including Dr. Robinson’s recommendation of Workaholics Anonymous and the effectiveness of its twelve-step program.


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