Burnout Prevention in Ambitious Careers with Dr Michael Leiter

Episode 13: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Dr Michael Leiter

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Leading effectively in a high-stress environment is a challenge faced by many, aggravated by toxic work cultures and burnout across employees and leaders alike. You may find yourself caught in the cycle of demanding peak performance whilst battling the debilitating effects of chronic exhaustion and disengagement within your team. This episode delves into the heart of this issue, shedding light on the role of the work environment and organisational dynamics in nurturing or impairing workplace well-being. Join us as we unpack strategies to harmonise individual and group aspirations, transforming stressful workplaces into sources of success without stress.

Dr. Michael Leiter is a beacon of insight in the sphere of organisational psychology, best known for his pioneering work on job burnout and for co-authoring “The Burnout Challenge,” a seminal work analysing the intricate dynamics between individuals and their working environments. As a professor and an unwavering advocate for mental health in the workplace, Leiter’s research not only discerns the patterns of stress and burnout but also offers actionable solutions, cementing him as a cornerstone resource for industry leaders and healthcare providers alike. His work has proven invaluable to prestigious institutions and countless businesses, where he assists in sculpting strategies that are both humane and performance-enhancing. His impact extends from the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies to the corridors of top academic institutions, solidifying his legacy as a transformative force in the realm of work-life wellness.

Being liked in a… superficial kind of way is not… necessarily a good objective for leaders.

In this episode you will learn

  • Insights into the impact of toxic leadership on the work environment and why some organisations might tolerate such behaviours.
  • The role of likability in leadership and the importance of focusing on creating functional and fulfilling work environments.
  • How to identify signs of burnout in a team and the leader’s role in addressing it, including the three-fold syndrome of chronic exhaustion, cynicism, disengagement, and reduced efficacy.
  • The shared responsibility between individuals and organisations in burnout prevention and the significant influence of the work environment.
  • Strategies for managing burnout, including the importance of setting boundaries, fostering recovery, and assessing work-life balance.
  • The approach Michael Leiter proposes for organisational leaders to address mismatches within work groups, using tools like surveys to improve the work setting design.


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