Harness Your Fears Like A Martial Artist with Tony Blauer

Episode 20: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Tony Blauer

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Many people struggle with fear in their daily lives. It can manifest during public speaking, in personal safety situations, or simply when dealing with everyday conflicts in day-to-day work. Often, this fear can incapacitate people, and prevent them from living confidently and assertively. In this episode, Coach Tony Blauer, an expert in self-defence and fear management, shares how to harness and transform your fear into a decisive, empowering tool. Join us as we explore his insights into understanding and managing your fears, ultimately equipping you with the means to engage life’s challenges head-on.

Tony Blauer is a pioneering figure in the realm of self-defence and fear management, with over four decades dedicated to teaching and refining his unique system known as The SPEAR System®. By combining psychology with physical training, Blauer has revolutionised self-protection through workshops, intensives, and seminars that focus on the natural human reaction to threat. His expertise has attracted a diverse array of elite clientele, including military units, law enforcement agencies, and celebrities seeking to enhance their personal safety skills. Through his extensive work, Tony has redefined the landscape of self-defence, placing emphasis on the importance of fear management as a cornerstone for teaching effective real-world conflict resolution and defence mechanisms. His contributions continue to impact the way individuals across various professions approach personal safety and crisis management in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Fear is fuel, can help support indignation, which puts you back in the fight. It’s very, very powerful.

In this episode you will learn

  • The foundation of Tony Blauer’s self-defence system, including the role of fear as fuel and the primal instincts involved in personal safety.
  • Strategies for managing day-to-day fear, including the importance of self-talk and shifting your mindset from victim to victor.
  • Behind-the-scenes insights into how high achievers handle fear, and the psychological and physiological effects that accompany it.
  • Practical approaches to self-defence training that debunk the myth of needing extensive martial arts background, likened to learning first aid.
  • Tony Blauer’s personal experiences with fear in both professional and personal contexts, providing a real-world application of his techniques.
  • How to transform fear into a positive force in your life, facilitating critical thinking, self-awareness, and effective time management.


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