How An Olympian Handles Professional Pressure with Chris Cook

Episode 22: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Chris Cook

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Relentless overwhelm and performance anxiety in your professional life are without a doubt unsustainable. Many ambitious high-achievers find themselves caught in a cycle of excessive stress and pressure, striving to meet increasingly high expectations, while struggling to maintain their well-being. This episode offers a fresh perspective on achieving excellence by adopting strategies touted by a two-time Olympian, who manage to excel under pressure while prioritising recovery and mental resilience. You’ll discover how to apply these lessons to your own career, ensuring you not only succeed but also thrive in your professional endeavours.

Olympic swimmer, motivational speaker and business coach Chris Cook is revered for his ‘2 Lengths’ mindset course. He has managed to translate his experiences from the pool into a successful coaching career for top-tier organisations focused on achieving peak performance under pressure. His principles of specificity in goal-setting have guided leaders and teams in high-stress environments, fostering climates of growth and triumph. Cook’s programmes have helped to propel future Olympians to medal-winning heights. His clientele, including senior executives and professional athletes, benefits from his insights into sustainable high performance, making him a pivotal figure in the dialogue on competitive excellence and mental fortitude.

Usually… we have overwhelm… when we’re thinking too much about what we’ve got to do, and how much time we don’t have to do it.”

In this episode you will learn

  • The shared experiences of Olympians and how the dream of becoming one shapes their daily rituals and mindset.
  • The importance of setting specific goals, and how this specificity can be applied in both athletic and professional settings.
  • Strategies for handling pressure and expectations, focusing on simplification of tasks and maintaining a clear focus on immediate goals.
  • How maintaining peak physical condition is vital for optimal performance, emphasising proper fuel, nutrition, and recovery techniques.
  • The role of mindset, self-talk, and accountability in overcoming challenges.
  • Practical techniques for managing overwhelm in high-pressure environments, including developing a ‘stop doing’ list and a focus on mission-critical tasks, essential for leaders and executives in all fields.


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