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Episode 21: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with James Hewitt

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Let’s talk about how to boost your performance and well-being.

Most, if not all high-achievers deal with constant pressure and never-ending exhaustion, due to the demands of their roles. Many experience difficulty in managing excessive workloads and finding ways to recover that actually work. This often leads to burnout and decreased productivity. This episode promises to shed light on actionable ways to enhance your mental and physical well-being, drawing on expert insights from a former racing cyclist, that help transform exhaustive routines into peak performance and sustainable success.

James Hewitt is a distinguished human performance scientist and former professional racing cyclist, renowned for his compelling insights into leadership, wellbeing, and peak performance. As the author of key publications on optimising cognitive and physical endurance, Hewitt’s strategies are useful for those navigating high-demand careers. His client list includes top executives at Fortune 500 companies, innovative tech startups, and Formula 1 teams, underscoring his influence as a trusted expert in his field. Hewitt’s unique approach blends rigorous scientific research with practical life experiences, offering advice for people at the pinnacle of professional and athletic performance. His continued contributions make him an authoritative voice in the discussions around sustainable high performance and recovery strategies in fast-paced environments.

Look for these micro moments that are going to help you to proactively recover, they’re going to help you to recharge.

In this episode you will learn

  • The detrimental effect of work overload on physical and mental health, and James Hewitt’s personal strategies for preparing and recovering from demanding work periods.
  • The importance of proactive recovery and activities that restore energy, with a discussion on the science behind engaging in physical activity and the mental benefits it offers.
  • Strategies to mitigate work-related rumination and how such mental habits can dramatically impact your sleep and overall well-being.
  • The value of enriching experiences outside of work, such as art, nature, and music, in enhancing human well-being and sustaining a productive work life.
  • How the integration of fractal patterns in work environments by tech companies is being used to boost mental health.
  • Techniques for developing a shutdown routine to effectively make the transition from work to personal life, reducing anxiety and enhancing relaxation.


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