The Truth Behind Heart Attacks and Stress with Dr Stephen Hussey

Episode 14: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Dr Stephen Hussey

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Sifting through the ever-growing mountain of information on heart health can leave many of us feeling disheartened and confused, questioning which guidance we should trust to live healthier lives. Individuals are tirelessly delving into the latest diet trends, workout regimens, and health supplements, yet heart disease remains a stubbornly persistent blight on our society, fuelling uncertainty about what really works for cardiovascular well-being. In a transformative dialogue that cuts through prevailing myths, this episode illuminates the less-discussed aspects of heart health, offering clarity and actionable knowledge to aid in the pursuit of a truly heart-healthy lifestyle and well-being beyond conventional wisdom.

With his own personal heart health drama behind him, Dr. Stephen Hussey, a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, has galvanised the health and wellness sphere through transformative insights and pioneering research on heart disease. His literary contributions, particularly his influential work, “Understanding The Heart: Surprising Insights Into The Evolutionary Origins Of Heart Disease,” delve into the heart’s enigmatic functions and the misconceptions surrounding cardiovascular health. Dr. Hussey’s clientele, encompassing patients and peers alike, bear testament to his impactful strategies and guidance in pursuit of optimal well-being. Recognized for challenging conventional paradigms and educating the masses on the true drivers of heart disease, his teachings and coaching extend far beyond the written word, securing him a spot among today’s vanguards of holistic health.

There’s a lot of misinformation and things that we know are “true” that end up being hyper realities: things that we take as being more real than what’s actually real.

In this episode you will learn

  • Why the traditional theory that cholesterol and saturated fats are the main causes of heart disease is being challenged by recent research.
  • How clotting tissue rather than cholesterol accumulation is considered the primary cause of atherosclerosis, and the body’s ability to form natural bypasses.
  • The three fundamental purposes of the heart, encompassing physical functionality, cellular communication, and emotional significance.
  • The detrimental effects of chronic stress and artificial light on heart health, with a discussion on strategies to mitigate these effects.
  • The concept of structured water, or exclusion zone water, and its role in vascular health and prevention of clotting in arteries.
  • Lifestyles and routines advocated by Dr. Stephen Hussey for maintaining a healthy heart, including his personal recovery following a heart attack.


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