The Truth Behind Stress And Weight Gain with Dr Julia Jones

Episode 25: The Charlène Gisèle® Show with Dr Julia Jones

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Let’s talk about how to boost your performance and well-being.

High achievers often find themselves trapped in a cycle of chronic stress and anxiety, poor quality sleep, and persistent weight struggles, all of which can undermine your professional and personal well-being. Perhaps you’re trying one health and wellness trend after another, without seeing any results. Fortunately, there are simple, science-backed strategies that can help you to reclaim your health and vitality without resorting to false hacks that do nothing but cost you time and money. This episode busts the many myths behind what routines do and don’t work, and will show you the best ways to start reversing the effects of stress, and enhance your overall wellness, allowing you to perform at your best, both in your career and personal life.

Dr Julia Jones is a neuroscientist and leading habit hacking expert, who has recently become a prominent figure on platforms like TikTok and Instagram through debunking wellness myths. As the author of several pivotal works on applied neuroscience and nutrition science, Dr Jones has translated her expertise into sustainable wellness strategies. Known for her critical stance on traditional, unsustainable wellness solutions, Dr Jones advocates for simple, lasting lifestyle changes.

Now I’m out there myth-busting and irritating the fitness industry by pointing out all of these statistics.

In this episode you will learn

  • The importance of engaging the parasympathetic nervous system through relaxation techniques for better health and well-being.
  • How music and breathwork can be utilised to manage stress, enhance mental performance, and support overall relaxation.
  • Practical strategies for preventing burnout, including the benefits of shorter eating windows, reducing caffeine intake, and avoiding late-night intense exercise.
  • The interrelationship between the circadian system, the autonomic nervous system, and the gut-brain axis, and how small habit changes can significantly improve health.
  • The pitfalls of wellness marketing and why simple, evidence-based approaches to diet and lifestyle are more sustainable.
  • The role of genetic differences in dietary choices, and how understanding your own biology can help in making more informed, health-conscious decisions.


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