Why Sustainable Performance-based keynotes are essential for lawyers and corporate employees to improve resilience

Adapt to New World wellness and sustain high performance through ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and corporate responsibility with my performance-based keynotes.

Why Sustainable Performance-based keynotes are essential for lawyers and corporate employees to improve resilience

Adapt to New World wellness and sustain high performance through ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and corporate responsibility with my performance-based keynotes.

We live in uncertain times. The pandemic year has left offices empty and employees being asked to work remotely. With the world slowly opening up and adapting, one thing for sure is that the ‘new normal’ can feel overwhelming.

Your employees feel anxious about returning to the office. Lawyers and high performing executives are reminded of the high-paced corporate world pre-pandemic, the extreme stress and feeling of burnout. Returning to the office seems to be synonymous with a lack of sleep, ‘fear’, anxiety and overwhelm after prolonged periods of social isolation.

Being resilient, safe, empowered and productive at the same time may seem out of reach but it does not have to be that way.

While employees’ concerns are present, you are unsure how to help them transition back into office life. You know that if these problems go unaddressed, employee turnover will increase, but when you look at your corporate wellness strategy, there seems to be something missing.

Your firm/company is not a wellness spa, but you acknowledge that healthy and happy employees are more productive, performant and efficient.

How can we adapt accordingly given such uncertainties?

We know that health is the ultimate wealth. Now is a pivotal opportunity to define your own ‘new normal’. It is crucial to be thinking about New World wellness.

New World wellness is about adapting to uncertainty and having a sustainable workforce that focuses on your most important assets: employees. If you look after your employees, they will look after your firm and your company.

Too often, industry-leading businesses are investing in resilient infrastructure but forgetting about the resilience required from employees. Sustainability is not just about the environment!

Why ESG must be a part of your strategy

Businesses can positively impact the environment and their employees, which has led to heightened social, media, consumer and governmental attention. ESG is simply an increasingly significant investment priority for businesses today. 

This includes implementing New World wellness as part of your firm’s culture so that long term sustainable wellness is achieved. Those who do not innovate will fall behind.

Organisations with a resilient workforce are better equipped to attract and retain top talent which is the most important asset any business can hold.

Which then leads on to…

My Performance-Based Keynotes

As an advocate for burnout prevention and building a resilient workforce, I care about ESG and corporate responsibility for employers and employees alike.

My psychological and health expertise allows me to draw on a unique blend of evolutionary science and psychology together with cutting edge technology and research.

As a result, I have developed four signature workshops for conference coordinators and meeting organisers to motivate and energise your employees at events:

The programmes will equip your employees with hacks and tools to optimise performance. Please get in touch with me for a detailed overview of what each workshop will cover or to request a bespoke workshop.


Full suite Signature Workshops can be delivered:

Why me?

You may be wondering what makes me qualified to talk about New World wellness. Firstly, as an experienced and professional keynote speaker within the health optimisation and biohacking community, I love making a positive impact in front of lawyers and corporate employees.

My legal and legal technology experience combined with my hybrid health and business coach certifications has well-equipped me to optimise your business and employees’ performance.

Having worked for several years in demanding City law firms and corporate offices, I understand the corporate rules and etiquette – but also where they hold us all back. I can relate to and understand the work environment of your employees and have prepared wellness tools accordingly.

Working as a Software Solution Engagement Manager at LexisNexis and Innovation Practice Manager at White & Case allowed me to use technology to serve others in innovative ways. As a firm believer in innovation, I use technology and biohacking to seek the most effective solutions for you and your employees.

I am now a Master Coach, NLP practitioner, Mindvalley business Coach-Consultant, certified Primal Health Coach and a certified yin yoga teacher.

My speaking experience ranges from being:

  1. a keynote speaker at the Biohacker Summit, the world’s top optimal human performance conference (‘Becoming a Resilient Being’)
  2. a speaker for LiveBeyond, where I facilitate Primal Nutrition and wellness workshops
  3. a Wellness Consultant for Stylist Magazine, where I helped launch their Burnout Masterclass as part of The Curiosity Academy

I incorporate my professional health qualifications with my analytical career skills to make a rigorous yet personal workshop for your event.

How would it feel for your business to grow with a resilient, inclusive and diverse workforce?

I invite you to book a call so we may explore how to tailor the programmes to your specific needs.

I had the pleasure of working with Charlene when she delivered a fantastic talk on 360 Wellness and Biohacking at an event for my women’s networking community. Charlene introduced our community to the world of biohacking, sharing insights gained from her career transition from corporate law to the world of wellness and coaching. Charlene’s expert advice is based on cutting edge research delivered in an actionable format and the talk was followed by a breath-work workshop. Charlene is an accomplished and engaging speaker and her talk was delivered with warmth and humour – I would highly recommend Charlene for public speaking engagements and workshops!

Katie McFadden

I met Charlene through our female networking organisation Artemis, where we invited her as a speaker on all things wellness. Charlene was incredibly professional, personable and knowledgable in the topics she enlightened us on. She was also very fun and easy to listen to- she took us all to a complete journey from sharing her personal stories to getting us different workshops. Anyone will take something personal away from listening to Charlene, and it was such a pleasure to introduce her to our networking community.

Zeynep Arat

Charlène has successfully delivered a number of talks and workshops for our members. She brings together a great mix of modern science and ancestral holistic practices to enable others to improve their performance. I am grateful for her contribution and look forward to working together again.

David Gamboa

Charlene is a great health coach and speaker. She has a lot of knowledge about health, nutrition, work out, sleep and supplements. Not only does she know a lot but she practices what she teaches. I highly recommend her especially for entrepreneurs and business executives to achieve more high performance.

Akira Iguchi

Charlène Gisèle was recently a guest speaker/presenter at a virtual event offered by The Alliance of Lady Leaders (a non-profit organization of which I am a founder) – https://allianceofladyleaders.com

Charlène Gisèle was a pleasure to have as a guest. She made herself available before and after the presentation as well; it was very easy to coordinate with her despite a significant time difference due to our residence on two separate continents.

Her demeanor is genuine, energetic, and helpful.

The presentation was in a webinar format with myself and Charlène Gisèle as panelists. Charlène Gisèle was still able to – very meaningfully – interact with the live participants/attendeees through the chat function as well as by answering questions which were posited.

Charlène Gisèle brings her entire story with her when she presents – in the way that she shows up in service for her audience.

Myself and The Alliance of Lady Leaders are looking forward to again hosting Charlène Gisèle as our guest, at a virtual event already scheduled for March 2022.

-Catherine R. Brukalo,  Brukalo Law, P.C.

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