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Charlene came to speak at our Advisory Distributors event on 23 June 2022. Leading up to the event, she was professional and a delight to work with. At the event, Charlene did not just come for the keynote speech and then leave, she joined us for the dinner the night before as well as all the roundtable discussions during the day. It really made such a difference and I feel that it gave the delegates a chance to get to know her more. The keynote was also interactive and we had the opportunity to try a coaching exercise and our delegates responded very positively to that. I would highly recommend Charlene to speak at any event about burnout prevention and performance.

Clare Frost, Conference Relationship Manager at Owen James

Charlène is a super advocate for better mental health and I was delighted when she agreed to speak at Travelers’ “On Risk” Conference 2022 on “Sustainable performance in law”. She gave an excellent presentation on the mental health challenges for lawyers and set out practical steps they can take to meet those challenges and thrive professionally and personally. It was an inspiring call to action and the talk was extremely well-received. If you want to address these issues, I highly recommend Charlène to help you do so in an informed and engaging way.

Paul Smith, CIRM, Senior Risk Management Consultant at Travelers

Charlène Gisèle was recently a guest speaker/presenter at a virtual event offered by The Alliance of Lady Leaders Charlène Gisèle was a pleasure to have as a guest. She made herself available before and after the presentation as well; it was very easy to coordinate with her despite a significant time difference due to our residence on two separate continents. Her demeanor is genuine, energetic, and helpful. The presentation was in a webinar format with myself and Charlène Gisèle as panelists. Charlène Gisèle was still able to – very meaningfully – interact with the live participants/attendees through the chat function as well as by answering questions which were posited. Charlène Gisèle brings her entire story with her when she presents – in the way that she shows up in service for her audience.

Catherine R. Brukalo, Founder at Brukalo Law, P.C.

I met Charlene through our female networking organisation Artemis, where we invited her as a speaker on all things wellness. Charlene was incredibly professional, personable and knowledgeable in the topics she enlightened us on. She was also very fun and easy to listen to- she took us all to a complete journey from sharing her personal stories to getting us different workshops. Anyone will take something personal away from listening to Charlene, and it was such a pleasure to introduce her to our networking community.

Zeynep Arat, Senior Strategy Director at Essence

Charlene is a great health coach and speaker. She has a lot of knowledge about health, nutrition, work out, sleep and supplements. Not only does she know a lot but she practices what she teaches. I highly recommend her especially for entrepreneurs and business executives to achieve more high performance.

Akira Iguchi, CEO of Ritz Consulting Pte Ltd

Amazing session at NEXT MBA. Business Professionals all over the world found your presentation insightful and your practical techniques refreshing. Looking forward to having you back again.

Perelade Jombo, Corporate Affairs Manager at Next MBA

Charlene is an emotive and engaging keynote speaker. I attended a recent presentation she did for a group of solicitors on how they can best manage their health and improve their resilience thus maintaining optimum performance and avoiding burnout. Charlene shared a number of useful and practical insights which people can easily adopt. She even did a short group coaching session which helped the audience to relax and increase their confidence. I highly recommend Charlene as a keynote speaker for your next event.

Dr. Richard Fallon, MD and Marketing Consultant at TEDx

I was grateful to have learned from Charlene in the Next University program. Her creativity and passion radiated as she taught a course on preventing burnout targeted at marketing professionals. Her professionalism, grace, and insight was profoundly helpful, approachable, and practical. She was the first person to introduce me to yoga nidra and now I’ve integrated that practice into my nightly ritual with profound personal benefit. I would highly recommend her services to help you unleash your inner creativity, build resilience, and strengthen the way you master your time and energy. Thank you Charlene!

Crystal MacGregor, Director of Marketing & Communications at Food Island Partnership

Charlène is a beautiful speaker and completely engages and relates to her audience. We were honoured and very grateful that she was willing to give up her time to run workshops and speak on the Main Stage to share her story and inspire others. I only have amazing things and high praise for Charlène and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Alice Collins, Co-Founder of Firefly Events, Content and Event production @ Brand Events

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