And how you can achieve that in 3 to 6 months

Business Coaching Programme for Coaches

I want to tell you about when I first started my coaching business after leaving my legal career as a lawyer. I traded the material comfort of my City lifestyle and security for uncertainty, exotic lands and a nomadic life. 

It was a scary move but after experiencing burnout, I knew I wanted to transform the legal and corporate world by encouraging sustainable performance.

Starting a new business, changing your career path and becoming an entrepreneur takes you on a wild rollercoaster of emotions. I know because I have been through it.

When I was busy building and growing my coaching business, I would go from feeling ecstatic that I had landed a new client to being stressed because I had imminent deadlines I needed to meet, then to moments of ‘I just don’t know what to do’…

It was challenging, however visualising my goal of becoming a successful Coach-Consultant and not just another Coach motivated me.

I embarked on a journey worldwide, invested in myself, transformed my ‘pain’ into my ‘purpose’ and now I am proud to say that I run a successful 360 online coach-consulting business from all over the world.

You may be a new Coach looking to transform your side hustle into a full-time business. You know you want to positively impact your clients, but you lack confidence, a strategy and you are stuck on where to begin.

Or you may be an experienced Coach looking to skyrocket your coaching business. You have worked hard, but not scaling is frustrating and it is time for a change.

Wherever you are in your coaching business, I have been through the journey. I am here to help you navigate through the rollercoaster of emotions and equip you with the right tools so  you can sustainably and rapidly grow online.

Coaching Mastery 360 Programme

With my Coaching Mastery 360 Programme, you can:

  • Form a clear vision and strategy
  • Make your business stand out with storytelling
  • Develop your confidence and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Implement the right systems to save you time
  • Learn from my years of experience in coaching and avoid the common mistakes
  • Nail your marketing and always be in demand by your dream clients
  • Sustainably increase profits

The first thing you should know about me is that I am not just another Coach. But what I am is a Master Coach, NLP practitioner, Mindvalley certified Business Coach-Consultant, certified Primal Health Coach, a certified yin yoga teacher, and an international keynote speaker within the health optimisation and biohacking community.

The rare hybrid Coach-Consultant role means that I am qualified to guide, support and help you with your business strategy, shift your mindset and master the art of coaching. I will become your business ally, ‘holding your hand’ through the entire process and be there to coach you through your entrepreneurial journey.


  • 3 or 6 month programme consisting of one strategy call a week with me.
  • A 3-month programme gets you to launch, a 6-month programme sees that you land (safely and successfully) on the moon!
  • Each strategy call is private and is a full hour
  • Additional bonus welcome 90-minute strategy consultation
  • Personalised emails in between sessions
  • Access to supporting material and bespoke coaching


business coaching program

Why My Coaching Mastery 360 Programme Is Not Like Any Other Business Coaching Programme…

My corporate background combined with my Coach-Consultant experience means I am well-placed to take your business to the next level.

We will work on the following:

  1. Business mindset and personal/mental mindset + goals
  2. The art and science of coaching
  • How to facilitate transformation for your clients at a behavioural, psychological and emotional level
  • How to be a compassionate Coach and set firm boundaries to preserve your energy and not burnout (which is all too common)!
  1. Clarity on who you serve including:
  • Who is your Ideal Client Avatar (‘ICA’)
  • How to determine your niche
  • How to attract your ideal customers
  • How to prepare your material and how to pitch your programmes
  • How to structure your coaching programmes
  1. Business strategy tools to skyrocket your success
  • How to become a niche expert and trusted authority 
  • How to take your coaching services to the next level with a B2B offer 
  1. Onboarding and registration
  • Admin and commercial elements of coaching
  • Enrolment strategy and onboarding process

    In addition, you get access to the following documents:

  • Standard Coaching Agreement
  • Disclosure Statement/T&Cs/Privacy Policy
  • Onboarding emails (that you can adjust to your ideal client avatar)
  • Access to my own templates so you know exactly which blueprint to follow and the mistakes to avoid 
  • Onboarding questionnaire
  1. Marketing
  • Automation and funnel
  • Personalised review of the website
  • How to successfully launch your website
  • Effective Marketing 101 (webinars, newsletter, masterclass, branding, social media)
  • How to successfully sell your coaching programmes
  • How to gain new customers
  • How to craft your webinar and access to mine
  • How to price your products, services and programmes
  • How to nail your B2B offer to breakthrough into the corporate world (for the 6 month programme only)

Why My Coaching Mastery 360 Programme Is More than Just Strategy and Marketing

You may be a great Coach with a business strategy and a solid marketing plan, but that alone is not enough to skyrocket your business. The most common hurdles of building a successful coaching business include: mastering your mindset and the art and science of coaching.

By identifying and understanding limiting beliefs, we can address why they are present and replace them with a positive mindset. Your entrepreneurial journey is only as good as your mindset.

The art and science of coaching are essential to building a thriving coaching business, but both are often missing. The science covers the tools, techniques and strategy required to succeed as a Coach, while the subtle art involves understanding how to remain neutral whilst facilitating transformation at an emotional, psychological and behavioral level without burning yourself out.

By joining my Coaching Mastery 360 Programme, you will have the roadmap and strategy to take your coaching business and your coaching skills to the next level.

I’m Not Just Offering You a Business Coaching Programme, by Taking Action and Investing Now, You Also Get Access To:

  • Supporting material and bespoke coaching
  • Behind the scenes of my B2B blueprint
  • A hybrid version of my VIP 360 coaching programme (for the 6 month programme only)

During every session and throughout the programme you will have my undivided attention and my professional advice, strategy, recommendation, blueprint, methods and support.

You can leave a legacy, serve and impact your dream clients

Apply now to skyrocket your business

Due to the nature of this programme, spaces are limited and are available upon application only.


business coaching program

Working with Charlene over the last few months has been incredible in so many ways. Not only has Charlene provided excellent guidance and information as I start my own business, but is also a tremendous source of knowledge, empathy, curiosity, motivation and kindness as I work on my own health and well-being journey. Charlene is a one of a kind coach and I would highly recommend working with her!

Sarah Kirkpatrick

business coaching program

On completion of Charlene’s Coaching Mastery Blueprint, my coaching went from being a passion project to becoming a professional reality.

On this programme I learnt how to actually BE a coach and translate that into a profitable business. It helped me to define my niche, structure my business and taught me many tools and techniques that have brought transformative results to my clients.

I was confident that I could coach someone based on my technical knowledge and experience, but it was not until I went through Charlene’s course, did I realise how important it is to be more than a technical expert, you have to be emotionally aware. Coaching at an emotional level was one part of the syllabus that has made me a more rounded coach.

I have enrolled in many coaching programmes before and what I found unique with Charlene is that it’s not a cookie cutter course. The coaching I received was tailored to my coaching dreams and goals. I was never left thinking how this advice would translate to my business, the advice was already translated to fit my business, so I could take action right away! I think for any aspiring coach, Charlene’s course is a must!

Coach Si


Can you really afford to miss out on the opportunity to transform your coaching business?

That choice is yours.


Note: if no spots are currently open, you will be added to the top of the waiting list for when they become available.
You can also send me an
email to express your interest.


Can you train me to become a Coach if I have no coaching experience?

As a Master and experienced Coach, I can mentor you to become an outstanding Coach. However, this programme is for certified coaches only. If you are seeking a career change and still in the initial reflection or preliminary phase, my VIP360 programme might be the best first step to obtain clarity on what you really want to do and who you want to serve. I recommend joining this programme upon obtaining your Coaching certification and/or while working towards it simultaneously.

What is the difference between the 3 months and 6 months programme?

The 6 month programme is a hybrid program blended with the VIP 360 coaching programme. For the 6 month programme, I will spend the first 3 months working with you on mindset, goals, vision, clarity and brand identity before delving into marketing, breaking through into the corporate world and much more! 

The 3 month programme will not touch on the VIP 360 elements.

Most of my clients choose to do 6 months, which is recommended.

What is the investment?

£3,000 for 3 months at the start of the programme or £5,000 for 6 months.

$4,000 for 3 months at the start of the programme or $6,000 for 6 months.

How are the sessions delivered?

Worldwide! Mostly online via Zoom. I have the most advanced tech set up for high sound quality, image and privacy. I work with clients in the US, all across Europe and in Asia.

If you are in central London they can be delivered in person subject to my current location (as a digital nomad I travel a lot!).

When can I start?

I typically onboard on the 1st of every month, but subject to availability and urgency, I can work out a custom date on a case-by-case basis.

What if I do not have time to implement the actions or attend the sessions?

Time management and mastering single focus is addressed during the programme. This is a long-term investment to pivot your mindset around ‘time’ and adopt habits that work for you – not against you. If you feel overwhelmed with time management and feel that do not have time right now, I would suggest this is precisely when you need this the most. 

What if I do not see availability for next month?

Please email me directly and I will be sure to put you on top of the waiting list for the following month. 

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