We are all unique: we all have unique minds, unique bodies and unique spirits. No one appreciates this more than high performing VIPs and Executives. This is why cookie cutter health programmes will always be sub-optimal for high performers and why I do not offer them. It is very likely that you have tried one or many of these types of programmes and let me guess… you have been putting in loads of effort but not getting the results you want. High Performing individuals need a VIP Coaching Programme.

VIP Coaching

If a programme does not factor YOU into it, then the chances of you going around and around in a circle, never getting the result you want and deserve is likely going to continue.
My VIP coaching is all about YOU! We will unlock the potential of your mind, of your body and your Spirit. For optimal health and performance, we need to understand, listen to and optimise all three areas – it is designed to help my VIP clients achieve health and performance breakthroughs.
Built into my VIP coaching is the understanding and the accommodation towards the pressures that my VIP clients have on them. A common theme among my VIP clients is the pressure they face from time constraints and workload, which often have them battling to balance their life, work and wellbeing. This does not have to be the case. I believe that we can have it all, and that career success does not have to come at the expense of health and wellbeing: all that is needed are tools, techniques and guidance to optimise your health to upgrade your performance.
My clients go from struggling with their body image to being confident in their body or undergoing difficulties in their relationships to cultivating outstanding connections. They go from living a sedentary lifestyle to enjoying the excitement of movement. They go from chronic fatigue to having boundless energy. This is the power of having your own VIP Coach-Consultant Concierge services. As part of my VIP Coaching programme clients, you get access to priority booking for your coaching sessions as well as unique and exclusive access to my evenings and weekend coaching sessions. The high-pressure demands of my VIP clients mean they need a solution drive approach that is both directive and compassionate at the same time. I pride myself on being able to give the right amount of tough love and motivation and to know from my experience exactly when each is needed! My past performance as a successful litigator has taught me how to be solution oriented, firm in my decisions and understanding of my clients needs.
I pride myself in holding the highest standards when it comes to confidentiality and hold a space for non-judgmental and have been able to coach my VIP clients through a lot of long held emotional challenges.
In addition to the regular coaching sessions, my VIP clients get access to my on-demand Espresso Shot coaching sessions. An Espresso Shot session is 15 minutes long and is designed to be efficient, effective and flexible; allowing me to provide coaching and direction on short notice. They also work to get you thinking and taking action throughout the day to maximise the achievement of your goals.
VIP Coaching also includes Relationship Mastery coaching. Be that Business relationships, personal relationships or your relationship to yourself – I will coach you to improve and master all of them. Relationship mastery is one of the most important factors in achieving a long, healthy, prosperous and happy life.
One-stop-VIP-solution to your wellbeing. I have spent years witnessing my clients frantically going from dieticians, to therapists, to PTs and complaining they are not seeing that ‘change’. I know why that is – it is like having an orchestra without a conductor – that is, they are trying to tackle problems in isolation without having an overall strategy that is optimised for their unique health and performance. As I become your wellness ally, I will gain a bird’s eye view, as well as, a 360 degree picture on your wellbeing (emotional, physical & psychological) and therefore, like a conductor, will help you implement strategic steps to achieve your goals and upgrade your performance.
The Coaching methods I use during my VIP Coaching programme is a unique blend of cutting edge science and ancestral wisdom. As a Coach-Consultant, I have mastered the powerful art of coaching the person and consulting the problem to drive transformation.
Due to the nature of this programme, I have limited VIP coaching spaces and are available upon application only. Successful applicants will qualify after the VIP application call and receive a personal invitation from me.
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Note: if no spots are currently open, you’ll be added to the top of the waiting list for when spots open up again. You can also send me an email to express your interest.

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