Whether you consider yourself fit and healthy, or in serious need of some support, having a coach by your side will help unleash the potential we all have inside us. Personal + Professional optimisation is about understanding your unique goals and challenges and building an unique plan to bring about the life you want.


1. Motivated – I will be your very own personal Life Optimisation Cheer Leader!

2. Understood – I will help you identify your vision as well as elaborate a strategy to make that vision your reality!3. Empowered – because you get to be the healthier version of yourself and I will celebrate and ackowldege your success all the steps of the way!As your coach, I will be on hand to help you adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle that works for you and nudge you forward on your long-term journey to optimum health, wellness & self-awareness.
I will also be a bit of a ‘friendly detective’ to help you identify the obstacles and roadblocks that may have prevented you so far from achieving your health goals and I will support you to overcome these limiting beliefs and/or obstacles.I’ve been lovingly dubbed ‘The Solicitor’ by my coaches, thanks to my former London Litigator life – but also because I take holding my clients accountable to their commitments, and getting them back on track when they slip, very seriously.My Coaching is completely confidential, judgment-free, and all my coaching calls, meetings, events & programs are designed and created from a place of Love, Care & Compassion.​A little (but very important) note on what is outside my scope of Work as a health coach, I do not:

  • Diagnose any health condition
  • Treat any health condition
  • Heal any health condition
  • Prescribe medication

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